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  • 4 Apr 2022 4:13 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Welsh Government will provide eligible retail, leisure and hospitality businesses in Wales with a 50% non-domestic rates relief reduction for the duration of 2022-23, capped at £110,000 per business across Wales.

    This is in addition to the existing Small Business Rates Relief schemes.

    To apply for retail, leisure and hospitality relief, please follow this link:

  • 4 Apr 2022 4:12 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    North Wales Steam Initiative

    For all Tourism & Hospitality providers in Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire and Anglesey.

    The STEAM initiative (Scarborough Tourism Economic Assessment Model) is the most popular and internationally recognised tool for Local Authorities and Tourism Associations across Wales and the rest of the UK to measure the economic impact of local tourism.

    Regardless of if you have ever completed a return or not, we’re now really encouraging your participation as we look to measure the impact of the pandemic on our sector – whilst monitoring data that will enable us to measure the recovery.  In turn, the data is also really important, as it is one of the key datasets used to inform each Local Authorities annual government settlement as well. 

    Therefore, the more hospitality providers who complete their STEAM return, the more robust the data and clearer picture of tourism’s worth to the North Wales economy we’ll have.

    How do I complete my return?

    This is really simple and will probably take around 5-10mins per month, or 30-mins one a year (depending on what you prefer).  Historically, we offered a postal service to return your data, however going forward – this will all be online.

    Please note, there are no questions relating to financial matters, nor are there any questions relating to anything more personal than your business name.

    2021 Data – Now Due!

    For data relating to 2021, could we ask if you could click on the link below and complete your return by Friday 29th April 2022.

    2022 Data

    Going forward, to complete your data for the 2022 calendar year (either on a monthly basis or by 28th February 2023 at the latest) could you visit the following link;


    Wrexham County Borough Council is commissioned on behalf of Anglesey, Flintshire, and Denbighshire to collate this data before Global Tourism Solutions (an external company) analyse the data and produce annual reports at Local Authority level.  Conwy commission us to coordinate the analysis of the data and Gwynedd coordinate the data collection and analysis themselves.

    The project manager and first point of contact for any questions is;

    Vicky Mathie

    Tourism Officer

    Wrexham County Borough Council

  • 17 Mar 2022 11:39 AM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Please be advised of the Enterprise Renewal Fund which might be of interest.  Further details about the fund are available through the link below.

    “LEADER theme 2 is all about local organisations, groups and businesses looking at new ways of making things, doing things and working together.  In particular, Cadwyn Clwyd will work with the business community to enable the provision of tailored pre-commercial support to help local entrepreneurs test the viability of new business concepts and ideas in a supportive and managed risk environment.

  • 17 Mar 2022 11:30 AM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    The criteria for self-catering accommodation being liable for business rates instead of council tax will change from April 2023.

    Currently, properties that are available to let for at least 140 days, and that are actually let for at least 70 days, will pay rates rather than council tax. The change will increase these thresholds to being available to let for at least 252 days and actually let for at least 182 days in any 12-month period.

    The change is intended to provide a clearer demonstration that the properties concerned are being let regularly as part of genuine holiday accommodation businesses making a substantial contribution to the local economy.

  • 8 Mar 2022 12:30 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Welsh Government local tourism levy - summary of proposals...docx

    Please find the above bilingual briefing on the local tourism levy.  This has been prepared by Welsh Government following discussions at the levy design workshop group attended by Welsh Government, WLGA, WRA and local authority colleagues.   Attendees requested a brief document they could share more widely in response to queries from external stakeholders/councillors etc. 

    Many thanks to Denbighshire County Council for distributing this to us.


  • 10 Feb 2022 3:49 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Next step in development of tourism tax

    The Welsh Government has confirmed a consultation on proposals for a local visitor levy will launch in autumn 2022.

    Rebecca Evans, Minister for Finance and Local Government, said a levy would enable destinations in Wales to be enjoyed for generations to come.

    Tourism provides a substantial economic contribution to Wales with tourism-related expenditure reaching more than £5bn annually in 2019. A tourism tax would raise revenue for local authorities enabling them to manage services and infrastructure which makes tourism a success.

    The Welsh Government’s Programme for Government, and the Cooperation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru, both contain commitments to introduce levies.

    Formal consultation on draft legislative proposals for a visitor levy will launch in the autumn, providing a platform for a range of views to be considered.

    Rebecca Evans, Minister for Finance and Local Government, said:

    “Visitor levies are a common feature in tourist destinations internationally. They are an opportunity for visitors to make an investment in local infrastructure and services, which in turn make tourism a success. Without such a levy, local communities face an undue burden to fund local services and provisions on which tourists rely. From keeping the beaches and pavements clean, through to maintaining local parks, toilets and footpaths – the critical infrastructure that supports tourism should be supported by all those that rely on it.

    “The introduction and subsequent use of such a levy would enable destinations in Wales to be enjoyed for generations to come and encourage a more sustainable approach to tourism. 

    “The levy would be proportionate by design, and powers to raise the levy would be discretionary for local authorities. This would enable decisions to be taken locally, according to the needs of our communities. The levy will apply to those paying to stay overnight within a local authority area. Opportunities for wider contributions on the cost impact of other types of visitor activities on local infrastructure will be offered as part of the consultation on the levy.”

    Designated Member Cefin Campbell MS said:

    “Giving local people the power to introduce a tourism levy will make a difference to communities across the country, many of which attract a significant number of tourists. It will give local people and their representatives more power and resources to invest and deliver in their areas.

    “Councils will be able to ask tourists to contribute in a small way to the areas they are visiting and the local services they use.

    “This measure will help support a sustainable rather than an extractive tourism sector, which will help bring the greatest benefit to communities and the local economy.

    “Such levies – often known as tourism taxes – are commonplace in countries across Europe and beyond. This is about mutual respect between our communities and the visitors they welcome. It is a new policy which is the fruit of a Welsh co-operative spirit.”


    Further details are also available on: Written Statement: Development of a Local Tourism Levy (10 February 2022) | GOV.WALES.

  • 17 Jan 2022 3:19 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Welsh Government Finance Minister Rebecca Evans has  announced a 3 year budget to “support the Wales of today and shape the Wales of tomorrow.”

    Supporting the Programme for Government, funding public services, responding to the climate and nature emergency, and building a fairer Wales are measures at the heart of the budget.

    Over the next 3 years the Welsh NHS will be supported to provide effective, high quality and sustainable healthcare, and help in its ongoing response to and recovery from the pandemic, with an additional £1.3 billion in direct funding.

    Future generations will also benefit from an additional £61 million in the Welsh Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee and employability support, apprenticeship provision, and to expand Personal Learning Accounts.

    Additional economic support will be available for businesses with those in retail, leisure and hospitality receiving 50% non-domestic rates relief for 2022-23. This £116 million package of funding, combined with existing permanent relief schemes, will ensure that over 85,000 properties are supported in 2022-23. The funding includes £20m on top of the consequential funding received from the UK Government, and follows the Welsh Government providing business rate support above and beyond the offer from the UK government in this financial year. A further £35 million has been confirmed to freeze the non-domestic rates multiplier for 2022-23, ensuring there will be no increase in the amount of rates businesses are paying.

    Read the announcement in full on Gov.Wales.

    Further details are available on:

  • 22 Dec 2021 2:47 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    Please find details of the news rules and advice for Wales from the 26 December:

    New rules for Wales from 26 December 2021

  • 10 Dec 2021 2:49 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    We have been advised of a new fund which will open shortly for Micro and SME Businesses for the Purpose of:

    • Carbon Reduction Projects
    • Digital Installation and Digital Upgrade Projects
    • Health & Safety in the Workplace COVID Projects

    For Flintshire businesses please visit:

    For Denbighshire businesses please visit:

    The Wales International Inbound Tourism Fund (WIITF)

    A targeted revenue fund opens today- Friday 10th December - designed to ensure that Wales retains and builds on the vital supply chain link with valuable international markets provided by a small sub-sector of Destination Management Companies/incoming operators, professional tourist guides and accredited English language schools located and operating in Wales.  

    Awards will be for a minimum of £3,000 (including for sole traders), to a maximum of £50,000 for companies demonstrating typical high turnover.

    Awards will be allocated to eligible companies according to an agreed programme of activity against set criteria, considered most likely to promote resilience and economic recovery for tourism in Wales in a sustainable and responsible way.

    To register for an application pack you will need to email: and confirm you meet all of the following criteria to show that you are potentially an eligible applicant.   Deadline to register for an application pack: Wednesday 22 December at midday.

  • 9 Nov 2021 1:41 PM | Christine Moore (Administrator)

    You may have read that Strategic Research and insight are looking for your opinion on Wales establishing a statutory registration or licencing scheme for holiday accommodation operators in Wales.

    Julie Masters would be very interested in hearing your opinion and any questions you wish to raise, regarding the proposed scheme.

    If you get in touch by Monday 15/11/21, she will compile a report in order to give a collective voice from Clwydian Range Tourism Group, to send to Strategic Research and insight.

    Julie's email address is:

    Establishing a statutory registration or licensing scheme for holiday accommodation operators in Wales

    Strategic Research & Insight (SRI), an independent Cardiff-based research agency has been commissioned by Welsh Government to interview stakeholders to explore establishing a statutory registration or licensing scheme for holiday accommodation operators in Wales.

    SRI will be speaking to stakehoders in Welsh Government, local authorities and trade associations in Wales, as well as researching best practice in other countries, to consider:

    • Whether developing a registration scheme or licensing scheme would be appropriate in Wales
    • The options for how a scheme would be operated and delivered at national and/or local level
    • Resources required for each of the best options
    • How a scheme would support wider areas of Welsh Government policy such as housing and taxation
    • Whether a scheme should merge or align with the existing Visit Wales grading scheme or follow the Rent Smart Wales model

    There are significant potential benefits of the scheme, including a level playing field for professional and amateur accommodation operators, and a much better oversight of the sector to inform decision-making in tourism, housing, environmental health and taxation.  We also recognise there are wider views and considerations that need to be explored.

    As it will not be possible for SRI to speak to all tourism businesses as part of this work, please feed any comments you have through your representative body (Clwydian Range Tourism Group); these will help form the decision on whether a scheme is implemented, and if so, how.

    If it is not possible for you to contact Julie at CRTG, please email with your comments.

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